Abbreviations, Acronims

STAND: 100321

S. also File naming standards

ACR - acronyms;
AMO - all about getting marry;
ARC - archive(s);
BAB, BABE - girls;
BA - Bundesagentur für Arbeit - Federal Employment office;
BAC - backup, data savings;
BNK, BANK - bank statements;
BC, BLC - Blue Card EU;
BCA - Blue Card Agency;
BIO - biography (also: of celebrities);
BUR - bureaucratic stuff;
BUS - business and entrepreneurship;
CAN, CAND - a person person who haven't purchased any products of Migwork yet;
CHECK - checken;
CLI - after the very first payment a candidate automatically becomes a client;
DBT - databases of my contacts etc.;
DEL - not important, can be deleted anytime;
DAR, DIAR - diary, diaries;
DOC - document(s);
DUP, DUPL - duplicate;
EDU - education;
ESO - esoteric;
EGO - me, I Siggestion: use SLA instead!;
FB, FCB - Facebook;
FIC - fiction, LIB-FIC - fiction books;
FIN - financial;
FIT - fitness, healthy way of life;
FTP - FTP archives;
ICO - icons;
IMA - images, pictures;
INS - Instagram;
IT - information technology;
LIB - library, books, LIB-SCI - научпоп;
LET - "paper letters" from anybody, in form of scaned copies ,;
LET-TO - "paper letters" TO anybody, in form of scaned copie;
LIF - life design;
LIST-CHECK - Checklist;
PR - permanent residence;
NOT - notes;
MAN, MANU - manuals, when I prescribe some things to do, examples ????;
MIG - migration;
MW, MGW - Migwork;
MIK - Misha;
MISC - miscellaneous, which is out of other categories;
MUS - music;
MOM - mama;
MOV - movies, documentaries;
PRJ - Project, e.g. PRJ-YT- Project Youtube;
SCI - Science, scientifc ;
SLA - That's me, Jaroslav!;
SM, Hint SMM - social media, social media management;
SORT - hint: SRT - things need to be checked and sorted out;
TDO, TODO - things which must be done;
TON - sounds, which are not music, like nature sounds, ringtones etc. TON-VOICE, TON-MUS;
TRA, TRAN, TRANS - translations;
TRP, TRV ??? TRIP??? - trip(s), journey(s);
TUT - tutorials;
VAS - Vasilij;
VID - all video files which are not MOV;
VOC - vocabularies, words and expressions to learn;
VOI - voice audio files. Mine and others.;
WALL - wall papers;
WP - wordpress;